New! Trick Dog Classes

at Dave’s Soda and Pet City – Agawam, MA (map & directions)

All classes encourage the use of positive reinforcement, treats, toys, clicker training and fun.


6:00 – 7:00
6 sessions | $90

view the flyer for the next class session.

AKC Trick Dog are new titles that can be earned with AKC!
These are open to all breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds.
Testing is included in the class. Owners submit the completed tests with application form to AKC to receive their titles. The Performer level title is evaluated by AKC with a video of your Performer routine.

Dog need to be registered with AKC. Mixed breeds can register with AKC’s Canine Partner listing.

If you already have trained tricks and are ready to be tested for your title, Contact me to set up an appointment for your Trick Dog test.

Here is Ziva with a Trick Dog Performer routine. The tricks: Head Down, Circle R & L, Bow, Carry Object, Fetch It, Signals (stand, down, sit, come, finish), Leg Weave, Go to Place (go out), Jump, Get Your ___ (toy), Catch.