Preparing for Competition

Great article a while back by Denise Fenzi on her blog at  Preparing for Competition: Squishing! Great thoughts on your dog being prepared for competition…

If I could ask one thing of you, it would be this:  Do not enter your dog into a competition with the “hope” that it will be ok.  Take a dog into the ring that is ready to be there.  Much as you would not like to give a speech before you knew the words, your dog does not wish to perform without knowing the required behaviors.

and more…

Think carefully about what you will ask of your dog in the ring – what generalization is required, what proofing should be complete and what reinforcement schedule needs to be attained.  Change only one thing at a time!  Set your dog up for success rather than failure.

There are also directions on training “squishing”, just read the whole article.

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