Baked Chicken Liver Treats

These are one of Zip’s favorites.  The chicken liver dries out and becomes like leather, no longer squishy.  Very easy to break off pieces and they don’t crumble in your pocket.


20 ounce container of chicken liver
a bit of oil for the pan


Line a cookie sheet with foil, and oil it.  Gently rinse the chicken livers.  Cut off any large gobs of fat.  Separate any doubled pieces, but leave them large and whole.  Spread on the cookie sheet.  Bake y at 300° for 35 minutes or so, carefully turn them over and bake for another 20 minutes or thereabouts. Keep checking and let them cook until they shrink quite a bit and get darker and firm.  They shrink a lot as most of the moisture is cooked away, which you want.  Be careful not to cook to long.

Let cool and store in snack bags in the fridge, freeze the extra’s.

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