The Uses of Targeting

Targeting is when we teach an animal to touch, follow or go to an object. Many behaviors are a form of targeting or can be taught with targeting.

Some behaviors I use targeting to teach:

  • Jump up to touch my hand
  • Move aside, follow my hand to move out of the way
  • Spin
  • Weave through my legs (figure 8 going between and around my legs)
  • Go lie down on your mat or bed
  • Go in your crate
  • Push, push a door, drawer or light switch with your nose
  • Finish (a competition behavior, the dog moves to sit in heel position)
  • Go-out, another competition behavior where the dog runs up the center of the ring to the other end and is then cued to sit

This video is by Ken Ramirez, showing a variety of targeting for different behaviors with a (very cute) dog.

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