No Time to Train?

Sometimes, training our dogs can seem overwhelming.  Maybe you are very, very busy. Or what you want to teach isn’t simple and you feel you don’t have the time to accomplish it.  Or there are so many things you want to teach that it feels a bit overwhelming.

You don’t have to teach your dog the entire behavior from start to finish all at once, you can do a little bit at a time and build on it each day. Really.

Tip: Keep a container of treats and a clicker in different areas of your house so you can train on the fly.

Most of the things I have taught my dogs started with a few minutes each day. Clicker training works very well with short training sessions.  Learning takes concentration, shorter training sessions give you both a break.

Right now, I am working on free shaping my daughters dog to retrieve a dumbbell and Zip is starting to learn to circle around two paper cylinders.

Set aside a few minutes a day to teach your dog something new or get a known behavior more reliable by practicing and reinforcing it, practice makes perfect. Your dog will enjoy learning something new!  If you don’t have any ideas of what to teach check my list of tricks to get you started.

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