Holiday Traditions

Like many people, part of our holiday includes giving gifts to our dogs.  A friend of mine added to that, loosly wrapping a gift for my dog and encouraging her to open it herself.  A new tradition was born!  My shelties thought ripping paper was great fun, even better than any toy that might be inside.  Tossing balls of wrapping paper for the shelties to chase and play with became a new part of our holiday.

My Border Collie, Zip took to that tradition with gusto.  What, there are toys inside this paper?  Let me at them!  He needed no encouragement to quickly rip open his gift.  And, apparently, dog toys have their own unique scent.  The next year, he was able to locate exactly which wrapped gifts were for dogs, it reminded me of kids looking to see which gifts were theirs.

Zip also took this tradition farther in his own way.  He would help me open my gifts.  Then he helped every one else.  He took to his new job with enthusiasm, to the point where no gift could be opened without his help.  Perhaps more help than we need : )

How do you include your dogs in your holidays?

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