Giant, Pine Flavored Chew Toy

Every year around this time, we put a six-foot tall, pine flavored chew toy in our living room.  Then for added fun, we dangle lots of interesting ball and toy shaped items on it and maybe even candy.  We are weird that way : )

With puppies and younger dogs, we take some precautions. The best way to protect the tree from curious teeth is to keep the two from unsupervised encounters.  I find it easiest to put something around the tree.  Mine is in a corner next to a chair, so I use a folding fireplace screen to block it off.  You could also use exercise pens or a freestanding gate of some sort.

With older dogs, you may not need to block off the entire tree.  I still take some precautions just the same.  Play and wagging tails can knock off ornaments, I keep easily breakable ones up high.  I also put any cherished decorations higher up, great grandma’s elf ornament isn’t something I want to risk in case a dog thinks it smells particularly wonderful. If one of my dogs is especially fond of stuffed toys, or wood I make sure to keep any ornaments made of those out of reach. If things might get really rambunctious, tying your tree to a couple ceiling hooks will help keep it upright, something helpful for cats and children too.

Off to dangle some more chew toys ornaments from my tree.

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