Liver Treats Recipe

This is my recipe for homemade liver treats.  These are easy to make, inexpensive and don’t have the artificial ingredients of purchased treats.

You will need a food processor or blender to make these.  It is not an exact recipe, but they come out well just the same.


  • 20 ounce container of chicken liver
  • 2 large eggs
  • flour – about 1 1/2 to 2 cups


Preheat your oven to 300°. Plop the chicken liver into a food processor or blender (if using a blender, you might want to remove any strings of fat, those could end up wrapped around and tangled instead of blended).  Add the 2 eggs.

Pulse away until it is a fairly smooth. Now we have eggy liver sauce, yum!

Add the flour, and blend some more.  Take a blurry picture of it, if you are so inclined : )

Add some more flour if you think it needs it, until it is a thicker than cake batter, maybe not quite as thick as brownie batter (I warned you this wasn’t exact).

Get a cookie sheet that has a raised edge.  Line the sheet with foil, and then coat the foil with oil (I use olive, but any kind will do).  If I use a large cookie sheet (1/2 sheet size) I make a double batch of batter.

Spread the batter evenly and be sure to spread it blurry-ly too, that is the secret to the best flavor : )

Bake at 300° for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the edges pull away from the pan a bit and the center is firm. Turn off the oven, and let them sit in there for 10 or 15 minutes longer. It doesn’t have to be all brown.  Remember how liquid the batter was, if the center is firm they are cooked.  Cooking time is also not exact, and will vary depending on the size of your pan, your oven and other technical bits.

ah, smell the liver goodness!

Let cool completely before cutting, I like them to be cold and might put them in the fridge for a while first.  To cut them, I flip them out of the pan, remove the foil and cut into quarters.

Then into strips.

And then cut across the strips into small, blurry pieces.

This makes quite a lot of treats for not much money. They do need to be kept refrigerated because they will spoil.  I store them in snack bags and keep the extras in the freezer until I need them.

“There won’t be extra’s, we know a place to keep them all nice and safe!”

15 thoughts on “Liver Treats Recipe

  1. I’m excited to make these…got my dad out looking for livers now. Hope to bring them to Puppy Kindergarten on Wednesday. Thanks for posting the recipe. Michelle


  2. My dogs do backflips for these! Thanks for such a simple recipe. I was worried that my house and hands would smell like liver, but really, somehow they don’t. Definitely high value treats!


    1. There is a baked liver whole liver recipe. If you click on the tags or related content at the bottom of the post you will find it.
      That recipe also has a link to a document of treat ideas, there are some links to recipes in that.


  3. Can I use beef you get instead? How would I remove the skin before throwing into food processor? The recipes I found have said to boil it first then remove skin


    1. I don’t think beef tongue is the same consistency as beef liver, liver is pretty wet and squishy. I think tongue would be more like muscle meat. I haven’t tried it so I couldn’t say what else would need adjusting in the recipe.


  4. Just popped mine in the oven ! Fingers crossed, they liked the batter for sure 😊 I did add a bit of nutritional yeast and turmeric (just a sprinkle) I was worried they would be smelly while baking 👍🐶


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